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SANGHA - Building a Buddhist social platform

SANGHA is an app for Buddhist community and its goal is to connect and strengthen the community. And also to help its members to collaborate and inspire each other in areas of practice, events, volunteering etc.

Role - Product concept redesign, UX & UI

Year - 2020/2021

Client -


Sangha was already designed and developed. But nobody from the Dzogchen community wanted to use it. The client thought it was because of it’s visual design and that it needed some visual polishment. 

My hypothesis was, that it might go deeper than just the visual surface of the product. We agreed to examine the reasons and work on activation and retention of the already existing users, so the app brings real value and helps to strenghten their community.


Instead of polishing the app like it was, we went through a total product redefinition. We met the community members to understand, what they are missing and how could app help them in their collaboration and practice.

We designed brand new features, restructured the Information Architecture and created new names for the categories and pages. We redesigned the whole app in a way that now, there is over 2500 active users all over the world.

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