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LEEAF - Defining wellbeing in IVF 

„We are really impressed by Ondrej’s work and its depth. He was able to ideate and execute the ideas at the same time. He managed planning, finding the respondents and mapping the whole situation before we started. With his empathy he was able to get quite crucial insights from pretty hurt women by the process of IVF. Also he led us through the creative process and we all came up with the great ideas. To summarize, I would highly recommend working with him to anyone.”
- Alena, Project Manager

Role - Research, Product Discovery, Prototyping, Usability testing
Year - 2020

Client -


The business around IVF is often pretty harsh to women’s health and wellbeing. Lot of decisions are made without any proper lifestyle data about the pacient.

Leeaf came with an idea of tracking woman’s lifestyle, mood and health in order to provide data for doctors to make the right decisions. All in order to increase a chance of success. But this was simply an idea when we started. Without target group, insights or anything.


We found a connection between the IVF success and many aspects in the pacients life before the treatment. After talking to dozens of women and IVF clinics, we came up with the right things to meassure. Through behavioral segmentation we also found the right target audience for this project.

We developed an app, which we tested multiple times both with women around the world. We also started to craft an interface for IVF clinics. Also, we came up a new idea of “data infused” IVF decision process for the doctors started a change in the industry.

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