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TREEO - Saving and restoring forests in East Africa and Indonesia 

Ondrej did a great job which many times exceeded our expectation. He really took the project as his own and didn’t wait for anybody to tell him what or how to do. He understood the whole idea perfectly and took it to tjhe whole new level. I really value the ownership and an amazing job he did. Extensive field research, design of the app and the way he was able to guide us all to the common goal. - Tomas, TREEO CTO

Role - UX Design Lead, Mobile App, Service design
Year - 2020-2022

Client -


Fairventures had a great idea. To connect production companies trying to offset their carbon footprint and local farmers in EA and Indonesia. The problem was, there was no proof of farmers really planting the trees and of the carbon being stored & consumed.

We needed quality data as a proof for those production companies. We also need the farmers to do their job properly and understand the whole process. To make the bridge between those two groups and to spread the project even further.


We met with around 100 farmers for in-depth interviews, usability testings and workshops to come up with the right solution. We designed a mobile app for farmers,
1-day workshops to understand how to succeed in the projects and the whole follow up communication.

In the app, farmers can map their land to apply for the project, they can learn about tree planting & cultivation, and due to an algorythm by taking a photo of the growing trees, they are able to measure the carbon consumption. Right now, millions trees are being planted and project is getting more and more recognition.

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