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"It worked in an excellent way. All the board agreed that this was our best workshop and meeting in all those years working in Tierra Verde. We found what we couldn't find, we communicated the unclear and everybody in the company can feel the change.

Now we continue on execution of that mission we found. I feel we laid the building pillars for the new creation and that it is placed very well and very stable. Thank you!." - Martin, Co-Founder

Role - Experience learning, Workshopping
Year - 2021

Client -


This has been a blast for all of us. I knew this goal required us to get out of office. Out of our comfort zone. Since all 3 owners had to find their own visions first, they all went through individual journey first.

Later on, we met and continued together to find a new common vision. We combined "game design", "learning through experience" and design workshop. And the result is stunning.


Tierra Verde is a beautiful company creating zero waste solutions and sustainable products for mostly home and garden use. The company went through complicated period and has been influenced by changes in the management.

Three of the owners felt there were things which needed to be resolved between them and the communication needed to be straigthened. Also they felt the initial prupose has been fulfilled. They needed to find the new vision for Tierra and find the way to execute it.

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