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      UX & UI     DESIGNER


Mobile App Design, Desing of the whole farmers interaction, Field Research and Testing

UX Research, Product discovery, UX/UI design of the mobile App

Product discovery, UX research, Prototyping, Usability testing

Strategic Design, Workshops, internal communication design, “Learning Organization”

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I help my clients to turn meaningful ideas into a “Better world” products.

In my free time I lead people to life filled with ♡ and purpose through coaching and retreats. The same approach I bring through UX&UI design. In a bigger scale though.


I embrace meaningful things and I helped clients mostly in DK, DE and CZ to deepen understanding of clients and themselves. To come up with great products and features, ...all that solve the burning frustrations of them all.

I can help you to:

  • Validate your ideas by user research, sketching ideas & user testing

  • Prototype and design the final visual version of your app

  • Test your app to discover and resolve usability issues

  • Resolve deep company issues through workshopping and experiential learning

Design system, Mobile App design

SKODA AUTO - Series of usability testings of products, apps and HMIs

Usability testing, Ideation workshops

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